MMGGZZNN issues are published(presented) as installation works suspended from the ceiling. Click on the issue number to find out more.

M001 “ANDROMEDA GALAXY” Kenta Cobayashi
M002 “megazin test” Yuki Ishida
M003 “TOO EARLY WORKS” Satoru Otsuka
M004 “Constructive Criticism” Martijn Kluit
M005 “HUGE SUCCESS” Kenta Cobayashi & Yuki Ishida
M006 “All Memories Here Rising With Smoke” Arata Imai
M007 “Tokyo Love You Guys” Morgan Betz
M008 “(title pending)” Nico Kos
M009 “(title pending)” Jack McLean
M010 “Hello World” Kenta Cobayashi & Yuki Ishida
M011 “COLLECTION” Martijn Kluit